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Going Green – the beneficial effects on the economy

Posted on: August 12th, 2015 by RWS Dev Master No Comments

commercial "green" lighting

Going Green or the green movement can have many benefits that can positively impact the environment and the economy. Since going green does involve a lifestyle change, this could impact what car you drive, the bags you use for groceries and even the fabric you choose for clothing. Buying local produce versus buying food that has been shipped across the country will help our economy with goods being purchased here.

Choosing whether to buy recycled paper and going green in your business or implementing alternative power sources will also be beneficial to the environment and the economy.

While going green may mean a lifestyle change you may have to adjust to with yourself, your family and your business, it can have a positive effect on the environment and our economy.

Three ways going green can affect the economy:

  1. Lowering prices – since going green has become more widely accepted and is now being adapted by many businesses, more green goods and services are being sold to help boost the economy. This will lower the prices of these good and services, and in turn more consumers can make green purchases even in a struggling economy.
  2. Creating more jobs – as newer greener methods of energy and production are used in businesses, the need increases for qualified professionals to work on clean energy production and projects implementing these new methods. Education and training to support new careers and jobs in this field will be more in demand.
  3. Improving global economy – many nations all over the world are now understanding the need to be environmentally conscious in global methods and in everyday use of products and waste disposal. While individual nations are discovering the best practices for going green, they can work in unison with each other to stimulate a global economy by investing and pooling their resources.

Since going green is now recognized and widely accepted all over the world as a way to save money in operating and energy costs, this will create more disposable income to be put back into the economy.

For more information on how to save money by implementing green resources contact:

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